Is It Hard To Get Into Groningen University?

Is Groningen University prestigious?

The University of Groningen is proud to number among the world’s top universities. It has a ‘Top 100’ ranking in the ARWU Shanghai Ranking and the THE World University Rankings, among others. 5

How do I get into Groningen University?

Admission requirements

  1. A pre-university diploma, including transcript of studies;
  2. The transcript of studies should reflect a GPA (Grade Point Average) equivalent to 7/10 (Dutch grading scale);
  3. Proof of English proficiency;
  4. A letter of motivation;
  5. A curriculum vitae;

Is Groningen a good student city?

Ranked the ‘best student city in the Netherlands,’ Groningen is perfect for Americans. Hailed “the youngest city in The Netherlands” due to the very high student population density – roughly 60,000 students – Groningen is a great place to get first-rate education and to make unforgettable memories.

Is it hard to get into Dutch universities?

Getting into any Dutch university is relatively easy: the concept of a hard-to-get-in belongs to the Anglo-Saxon culture, not the Dutch one. American and British universities have a long list of requirements students have to meet in order to enter their universities.

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Is Netherlands good for international students?

The Netherlands is also a unique non-Anglophone country, where approximately 95% of locals speak English. This factor makes living, studying, and working in the Netherlands very convenient, comfortable and pleasant for international students.

Is Groningen a good place to live?

“There’s nothing that tops Groningen” It’s the best to its local inhabitants, for sure, who have a distinct Grunn sense of pride (and accent) – yet many more British expats and internationals are feeling the same way about the small northern city.

Is there an application fee for University of Amsterdam?

All applicants holding a nationality outside the EU/EEA are required to pay an application fee of €100 per Studielink enrolment before submitting your MyInfo application form. You will find payment instructions on your application form.

Is there an application fee for Groningen University?

The Faculty of Science and Engineering charges an application fee of 75 euros for students applying to a master’s degree programme with a non-Dutch diploma. The Admissions Office can only review your file if this fee has been received before the application deadline.

Is Groningen a safe city?

Additionally, Groningen has been nominated for the “Best City Center” and the “Safest City in the Netherlands.” Having a city center that is not only lively but safe as well, can be extremely important, especially to a new student in a foreign location.

What is there to do in Groningen for students?

5 things you must do when in Groningen

  • Climb the Martini Tower.
  • Have a drink at Europe’s largest pub.
  • Go vintage shopping.
  • See a film at DOT Groningen.
  • Picnic in Het Noorderplantsoen.
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Is studying in Netherlands difficult?

Studying at a university in the Netherlands is not easy. During the first four weeks of the course in last September, every student had to learn how to manage the pressure. In the process of doing so, some students got hospitalized, some students broke into tears in the class, and some students never came back.

What are Dutch universities like?

Dutch universities are known to be among the best universities in the world, competing with other famous UK and U.S. universities. You could say Netherlands is one of the top non-English speaking countries where you can study abroad, get quality education and find loads of degrees taught in English.

Is Netherlands expensive for students?

Tuition for non-EU/EEA students at public universities For all the other international students, tuition fees are higher. You can expect to pay anywhere between: 6,000 – 15,000 EUR/year for a Bachelor’s degree. 8,000 – 20,000 EUR/year for a Master’s degree.

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