FAQ: Is University Of Groningen Good?

Is University of Groningen prestigious?

The University of Groningen is proud to number among the world’s top universities. It has a ‘Top 100’ ranking in the ARWU Shanghai Ranking and the THE World University Rankings, among others. 5

Is it hard to get into University of Groningen?

One might then wonder if admissions are competitive. The answer is “No”. If a program does not have an enrollment cap, you are admitted if you have the equivalent of a Dutch VWO level high school diploma. Though it may not be hard to get into the school, students must work to stay in school.

What is University of Groningen known for?

The University of Groningen was founded in 1614 and has a long tradition of education, innovation, and research. We are consistently ranked among the top 100 universities in the world and have one of the largest international student communities in the Netherlands.

Why should I study in Groningen?

Study at one of the world’s leading universities. Learn from the best and take advantage of exciting research opportunities. Live in a vibrant city where over a quarter of the population are students. From art history to the art of international business, the University of Groningen is the place to be.

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Is Netherlands good for international students?

The Netherlands is also a unique non-Anglophone country, where approximately 95% of locals speak English. This factor makes living, studying, and working in the Netherlands very convenient, comfortable and pleasant for international students.

What kind of University is Groningen?

The University of Groningen (abbreviated as UG; Dutch: Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, abbreviated as RUG) is a public research university in the city of Groningen in the Netherlands. The university was founded in 1614 and is the second-oldest university in the Netherlands.

How safe is Groningen?

According to an official police report, the overall crime rate in Groningen is low, and the city is quite safe (PolitieNL, 2020) in other words, a good, promising start if you happen to start your studies here.

Is Netherlands a good country to study?

Dutch universities are known to be among the best universities in the world, competing with other famous UK and U.S. universities. You could say Netherlands is one of the top non-English speaking countries where you can study abroad, get quality education and find loads of degrees taught in English.

How many students go to Groningen?

With more than 50,000 students (25% of the population) Groningen is highly regarded as one of the best cities for studying in the Netherlands.

How many students attend the rug?

32,765 (2019)

What is there to do in Groningen for students?

5 things you must do when in Groningen

  • Climb the Martini Tower.
  • Have a drink at Europe’s largest pub.
  • Go vintage shopping.
  • See a film at DOT Groningen.
  • Picnic in Het Noorderplantsoen.
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What is the difference between University and University of Applied Sciences in Netherlands?

Research universities offer more academically rigorous education that focuses on specific subjects. Universities of Applied Sciences offer profession- orientated programmes that are designed for students who are looking to enter a particular career upon graduation.

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