FAQ: Can An University Grade Be Cancelled After The Exam?

What happens if a professor loses your exam?

Then the professor talks to the department head and/or dean about the best course of action with respect to university policies. If this was a final exam, then giving the students the final grade based on prior work, and allowing them to re-take the final exam and receive a grade change, might work out.

Is 7 a good grade in the Netherlands?

7 = More than satisfactory It’s a good and solid result, and it is the most commonly awarded grade in the Netherlands. It can be officially translated into meaning ‘more than satisfactory’, but most students will agree that a 7 is actually ‘more than enough’.

What does AVV grade mean?

AVV, NAV. Should the degree classification or judicium for a particular course not be expressed as a grade, then the result will be ‘ all requirements met ‘ (AVV) or ‘unsatisfactory’ (NAV).

What are university resits?

A resit is a further attempt to pass a module. The mark you get for a resit assessment is capped at the pass mark for the assessment. Assessments on Level 7 modules are capped at 50% while assessments on modules at level 6 or lower are capped at 40%. The uncapped mark is shown on your transcript.

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What happens if your professor doesn’t show up for the final?

If you are waiting to take a final exam, and the professor doesn’t show up (and doesn’t send someone in his or her place), then someone in the exam room should contact the department office after ten minutes or so.

What do you do if you lose a student exam?

Offer them a choice of retaking the exam or averaging their course grade without it. And apologize, of course. Give the student a choice. Either: a final grade based on the all the other material submitted, or set a new exam just for the student and let them sit that.

Is 8 a good grade in Netherlands?

Grading systems compared Several countries use grading systems that look similar to the one used in Holland. In Holland, however, an 8 is a very good grade, since most grades are between 6 and 8; only excellent students achieve a grade higher than 8.

Is 7.5 A good GPA in the Netherlands?

A GPA of 6.95 will be rounded off to a 7.0. Students who will or have obtained a bachelor degree a university of applied sciences (HBO) in the Netherlands must have an overall grade point average of 7.5 or higher.

Is a GPA of 7 GOOD?

A GPA of 7.5 will get you shortlisted for almost all the companies. You will be allowed to appear for the written exam, in which you will have to perform good. The companies on the higher end may demand a GPA of 8.0, depending on the college and scenario. Thus, in my opinion 7.5 is a very good GPA.

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What is a decent grade?

A – is the highest grade you can receive on an assignment, and it’s between 90% and 100% B – is still a pretty good grade! This is an above-average score, between 80% and 89% C – this is a grade that rests right in the middle. D – this is still a passing grade, and it’s between 59% and 69%

What are good grades in Netherlands?


  • 10 (Outstanding)
  • 9 (Very good)
  • 8 (Good)
  • 7 (More than satisfactory)
  • 6 (Satisfactory)
  • 5 (Almost satisfactory)
  • 4 (Unsatisfactory)
  • 3 (Very unsatisfactory)

What does capped at 40% mean?

The actual mark you achieve in a repeat exam or assessment is normally capped at 40% or 50% (depending on the pass standard of the module). This means that no matter what mark you achieve (the “actual” mark), a maximum of 40% or 50% will be used to calculate your overall result for the year.

Are you allowed to fail one module?

You will be able to retake the module on one occasion only, and your module mark will be capped at the minimum pass mark. For more information please refer to regulations 5, 8 and 9 of the Standard Assessment Regulations.

What happens if you fail your Resits at university?

You might be able to take your final resit with your other exams next year. To check if you can do this, just speak to your School. You can only progress to the next year of your course if you have sufficient credits. You can seek further advice from your School.

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