Domanda: Are You Studying At University?

Are you studying in or at?

Where Are You Studying? The correct preposition is at! For example, you would say: “I’m studying at Harvard University.”

Do we say in university or at university?

Speakers of British English use “at university.” Speakers of American English use “at a university.” However, these two phrases do not have exactly the same usage. “At university” (British) means “attending college or graduate school,” as in: Charles and Sara met while they were at university.

How do you say I’m studying?


  1. I have to cram for my test tomorrow.
  2. I have a report/ essay/ presentation due tomorrow.
  3. I must finish reviewing for my class or meeting.
  4. I will be up all night (doing something).
  5. I am going to pull an all-nighter.
  6. Don’t wait up for me.

How do you say I study at university in French?

“ j’étudie à l’université ”

Can you say at university?

In more formal contexts, it would be better to use at college/ at university. More examples using school, department and faculty both explicitly and implicitly. Generally, in is used for department, while at is used for faculty: I’m studying for a PhD in the physics department.

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Do we say at school or in school?

We actually use both in school and at school, for slightly different situations. At school means the person is literally, physically, inside the school.

Do we use the with universities?

The general practice seems to be this: if the name of the university comes before the word “university, ” don’t use “the”: Oxford University, Columbia University, Simon Fraser University. If the name follows “university of,” it will usually need “the”: He attended the University of Southern California.

How do you say good to study?

These are the phrases I could come up with.

  1. I hope it goes easy for you.
  2. I hope the studying goes easy for you.
  3. I wish you the best in studying.
  4. I’m hoping the studying goes easily for you.
  5. Good luck studying. ( I don’t really like this one since it’s a bit vague)

Can I study at night?

For some students, they have more energy later in the day. Hence, the evening or night time is a more effective time for them to read and study. Studying at this time also helps to improve your concentration and creativity as there are fewer distractions, and with everyone in bed, there is definitely peace and quiet.

How do you say ima student in French?

Basically, you would say ” Je suis étudiant(e) “, but you would say “Je suis un(e) étudiant(e) actif(-ve)”.

Is Université in French masculine or feminine?

Others are always feminine, like une voiture (a car), une maison (a house), and une école (a school). And some words are the tricksters of the bunch, taking on different meanings with different genders, like livre, which is a book when masculine but a pound when feminine!

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What is the meaning of the French word dans?

Dans means ” in” a location when followed by an article plus noun. Il est dans la maison. -> He’s in the house. Dans also means “to” or “in” with some states and provinces.

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