Domanda: A Place Further Than Universe?

Is a place further than the universe over?

While it’s true that A Place Further Than The Universe ended on a satisfying note – with Shirase gaining some closure over her mother’s death and the rest of the girls confronting issues of their own – there is some scope for another season.

Is a place further than the universe based on a true story?

Now streaming a part of the winter season of anime at Crunchyroll, A Place Further Than the Universe is the incredible story of four high school girls who travel to the South Pole. Now, a veteran explorer sheds some light on some of the real life aspects of this show, including the mighty sailing vessel Shirase!

What happens in a place further than the universe?

The story of A Place Further than the Universe follows a high school student name Mari Tamaki who want to make the most of her youth, but she is afraid to do it. One day she encounters a girl named Shirase Kobuchizawa who has been saving up, so she can travel to Antarctica to find her missing mother.

What genre is a place further than the universe?

It’s consistently great. It’s a fun coming of age story about wanting to go on an adventure, making friends, and not regretting anything. The girls are all very fun in their own unique ways and the animation is never lacking in the quality department.

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Is a Place Beyond the Universe sad?

A Place Further than the Universe features a story that’s as specific as it is universal. It’s a story about grief, about the need to connect, and about the desire to accomplish just a bit more with your life.

Is a place further than the universe a good anime?

However out of all the anime from the Winter 18 season, A Place Further than the Universe quietly became a big hit and unlike any other new show from this season, it was actually good. So good to a point where every other anime from winter 18 that is not a squeal or a leftover look mediocre by comparison.

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