Are Half Life And Portal In The Same Universe?

Is Half-Life and Portal connected?

Portal is a puzzle game set in the Half-Life universe, developed by Valve Corporation. Portal 2 is the sequel to Portal developed by Valve Corporation. It was released on April 19, 2011. The storyline continues from the end of Portal.

Is tf2 in the same universe as Half-Life and Portal?

In my mind the Half-Life, Portal and Counter-Strike series take place in one singular universe, but Team Fortress exists in an entirely separate one.

Is Portal canon to Half-Life?

The canon of the Half-Life and Portal series has never been officially defined by Valve. Series writer Marc Laidlaw stated that the issue of canon is “something the fans came up with” and that they do not have an official stance on it.

Is Portal and Left 4 Dead in the same universe?

Portal takes place around 1999 or 2000, so the first Half Life games would be around late 1980s or early 2000’s. So this sets Left 4 Dead sometime during or possibly after Portal 2. After that is Alien Swarm.

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What games are connected to Half-Life?


  • Opposing Force.
  • Blue Shift.
  • Decay.
  • Lost Coast.
  • Episode One.
  • Episode Two.
  • Portal series.
  • Counter-Strike series.

Should I play Half-Life before Portal?

You should play, Half-life 1, (add-ons include, opposing force, blue shift, decay, and the mod remake of half life 1, Black Mesa). Then play, Portal 1 (if you have it).

Will there be a Portal 3?

While Valve’s produced a handful of sequels, it’s never published a third follow-up to any of its games, no matter how popular those games are. It’s not just Portal. Valve has yet to make a sequel to Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead 2, or, much to fans’ chagrin, Half-Life 2.

Is every Valve game connected?

Portal 2. [THEORY] All the Valve games are in THE SAME UNIVERSE! The first game in the timeline is Day of Defeat and Day of Defeat Source. These games take place during World War II, so they would take place some time between 1939 and 1945.

How long was Chell asleep?

It seems likely that she has been asleep for perhaps 20 years (If this is correct, it could link the timeline of Portal 2 with Half-Life 2: Episode Three).

Is Half Life Better Than portal?

The only thing that overtook it in terms of gameplay was Half-Life 2 with the gravity gun and the more robust physics engine. Both Portal games, by comparison, had simpler gameplay with only the puzzles involved. For having better gameplay variety, Half-Life wins.

Does Portal 2 take place after half life?

According to the timeline on Half Life’s Wikia, Portal takes place around 2010. However, I could not find a reference to an exact date. Going by the same sources, and this question, Portal 2 takes place hundreds of years after Portal.

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Is l4d2 in the same universe as Half Life?

From the loading screens to the Director and of course the mission endings, everything about Left 4 Dead makes it look like a film, rather than an actual event. Perhaps the Left 4 Dead games are just films in the Counter-Strike or Half-Life universe, using locations that were once the scene of a terrorist attack.

Is Counter-Strike and Left 4 Dead connected?

But as this is Valve we’re talking about, there’s only one real explanation. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a Left 4 Dead prequel.

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